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'Cos you just can't beat 'em bloody!

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Ever wished slasher movies featured more... well, slash?

Ever find yourself secretly thinking that Agent Sands looked much hotter after he had his eyes gouged out and that Professor Lupin would just be much better off ditching the Wolfsbane and going on a rampage?

Ever had your friends look strangely at you when you start enthusing about how zombies are actually kinda sexy and where does a person have to go for a little undead boy-on-boy action anyway?

Then this is the place for you. The place to post everything you'd think twice about posting anywhere else... The community that will eat your brains!


Not reading and following the rules may result in your post being SLASHED!

+ We accept both fic and artwork from any fandom, but please state fandom, pairing, rating, disclaimer etc in your post header - you know the drill, people!

+ Please use the LJ-cut tag for all posts containing fic. Also, please use the LJ-cut tag for all posts containing artwork larger than LJ icons or artwork that could be considered non-worksafe for any reason (this includes gore). The LJ cut tag is [lj-cut] text goes here [/lj-cut] but replace the [ square brackets with < angle brackets. Thank you! :o)

+ We also accept original fiction and artwork as long as it is in topic.

+ 'In topic' is anything relating to slash!slash, where the line between sexy and horror blurs - zombies sensuously munching brains, werewolves chewing on the ones they love, undead rising for orgies...cannibalism, bloodplay, exsanguination, bdsm, necrophilia, ghosts, horror, whatever other kinks your black little heart can dream up..! Please note that work must have a central horror/supernatural/gore theme - Remus-centric fic does not automatically qualify just because he's a werewolf, he has to be acting like a werewolf too!

+ Artwork or fic dealing with just one character is allowed, but may be removed if it is too much Off Topic.

+ In the light of mod preferences and recent developments on LJ, we are now discouraging the posting of chan fic and artwork. We don't want to stamp all over your right to self expression, but please do use your judgement when posting sensitive material.

+ 'Off topic' is memes, requests for anything that does not directly relate to the topics described, pimping communities not directly related to the topics described. Pimping communities or reccing fic that IS directly related to this community is, however, much encouraged!

+ This is a strictly slash community. That means only m/m and f/f. All het will be deleted. Sorry - mod squick, people!

+ Any rating allowed.

+ Play nice, even if your characters don't. All flames will be deleted. Remember, we all love each other here, yo! <3

Introductory Post

It's not mandatory, but we like to get to know our members, so if you'd like to make a little introductory post when you join, telling us your name, fandom(s), favourite pairing(s) and prevalent kinks, then please feel free to do so.


This is all Fantasy. We by no means condone mass murder, torture, dismemberment, exsanguination, zombification, mummification or other such illegal and gruesome acts in real life. However, if you really feel inclined to chew on yourself… ;op

Please note that this community will contain material rated NC-17 for both horror, gore and sexual themes and is suitable reading for adults aged 18 and over only.

All flames will be studiously ignored and/or laughed at.

Also Please Note

Due to the nature of subject in this community, some posts may be friends-locked. So if you want to see the lot, then you gots to join, kids!

Please feel free to help yourself to an icon (all in the name of shameless community promotion!)


We'd also love if you'd agree to link to us from your info page using one of the following banners:


To do this, just copy and paste the following code into your user info:

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