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Okay, I'm way behind, but a few weeks back I finally got to see The Dark Knight.

So I'm watching, fairly entertained, and then Harvey Dent starts flashing the burned half of his face. I...can't explain why I enjoyed it so much. I mean, the actual look of his face was a little too computery for me, but maybe it was his attitude; the fatalism and the fact that while Gotham would consider it a shock, the turn that he took was actually so obviously within reach for his character.

My friends who know of my tendency to like *cough* roughed up looking guys, said they thought of me when they saw him.

I searched and searched for a good screenshot, but alas, found none.

I'm still a little perplexed by my reaction to him. I expected a bruised Christian Bale would be enough for me in this film. So I guess what I'm asking is, was anyone else attracted to the post-burning Harvey Dent?
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