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Intro Post

Allo Allo

My name is tattycoram

My fandoms are Holmes / detectives in general / final fantasy (as long as it’s not Weiss and the 4 underground soldiers in general, as they are a bit lame, just IMO), Severus Snape, I used to like LOTR but I kind of got burnt out on it, Due South (yeah yeah I know) and erm, basically anything I like,, it gets slashified.

I’m hoping to write a Resident Evil slash fic but NOT based on the films, based on the first game (yes with all the cheesy lines) and also something relating to David Bowie’s Outside album. Also in Final Fantasy, I like to think of Sephiroth as a vampire and Zack as a werewolf,,,making sweet, sweet love, as you can probably guess from that, I can be a bit loose with the canon.

Kink wise – erm, a bit of a power imbalance or power shift is nice sometimes, hmmm, what kind of pervert am I? *ponders* I’m not averse to fluffy stuff but prefer funny over sugar sweet. Erm bondage is good, I tend to write / go for stuff with definite dom/sub roles, even if those roles switch mid story.

Anyway, I’m not as much of a **** as I may seem at first XD and I have a weird sense of humour, looking forward to reading and writing with you :)
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