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Hey, check out that new kid...

Let's beat her up!

Intro post- RAR.

I sure wish I knew about this community before I went and made one (zombie sex and that) that no one ever posts in. Damn you, interest search!

Anyway,my name is Sedge, and if not for me being such a puss, I'd probably have more movies I could call my favorites. Or call '"Hey, I've seen that". But until I grow some balls (just like Sadako! har har), this is all I've got, in no particular order:

The Ju-on/Grudge series, not particularly for the movies, but for the Kayako. Do I really need to go on about how much I love this woman? For your sake, I won't. However, I will picspam you- like so. Not sure who I'd pair her with... maybe Kyoko? I wonder if that counts as incest? Or there's always Susan.

Tale of Two Sisters... man, what don't I like about this movie? Other than being completely confused by it the first time around, of course. And their taste in wallpaper. But seriously, though. A girl so crazy that she unknowingly imagines that her dead sister is still alive in order to do sisterly things with her? Elaborate on that yourselves.

Aaand, I'm not sure if Frailty counts, being that it's more suspence than outright horror, but either way there're axe murderers in it, so whatever. As much as I HATE the ending, not only in that REGULAR crazed serial killers are FAR superior to demon slayers and that it left a bunch of confusing plot holes, but that it demonized (Haha) my favorite character (Seriously, though- no one I talk to seems to have ANY sympathy for the poor guy. "Oh, he's really a demon? Well, in that case, it's perfectly acceptable to keep your child locked in a dungeon for WEEKS without food! Hahaha!"), then killed him, I still like this movie for some reason. You know, even though I can't stand to watch 2/3 of it. Perhaps it has something to due with the fact that I find Fenton and his brother to be incredibly (in my crazy mind) slashable? Hey, there's a big 21-year gap where apparently nothing occurs- it could've happened! Nevermind the fact that Adam's married (Pfft!) and that he'd have to wear these big, smelly work gloves in order to even touch him. Bah!

Oh, and Paranoia Agent. Murderous, guilt-induced hallucinations! Huzah!

And that's it! I don't come bearing any art or that, but I should have something done... whenever. But until then: Halloweenie. Huzah.

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